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Ticket # 14 - Showing early character concept sketches
[Image: sketch1.jpg]
Thought it would be interesting to see how our character concepts looked in the beginning. These have been hanging on the wall for something like 2 years now, time flies so fast when you are having fun making your dream game come true. Above none else than Bruce Cannon himself!

[Image: sketch5.jpg]
Crooklyn city newscaster! James Jawbone, brings you the news on time every time. Except when he's dead.

[Image: sketch3.jpg]
A Crooklyn City Mutant, these annoying dudes needs to be shot on sight.

[Image: sketch6.jpg]
A crazy cult leader and terrorist.

[Image: sketch7.jpg]
The Spanish guy, who always dies first.

[Image: sketch9.jpg]
Some super ninja villain. Probably fast and annoying as hell.

[Image: sketch10.jpg]
A captain of the force, always telling you what you did wrong.

We'll be testing Bruce Cannon soon! Want to try it out and give us feedback?


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