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Feedback Thread - Any feedback welcome on game/trailers!
We're going to collect all feedback here, feel free to post anything that comes to mind.

From some fine police officers elsewhere:

Reminds me of Carmageddon, would be fun to drive over old ladies. Drive over all people!

Based on early version trailer:

1. The music and the 90's feel are looking great!

2. The popup texts are looking bad, use a font or a 90's style way to push them (check youtube for 90's shows and their intros)
3. Too long action sequences, create shorter parts with the interesting things / features you want to highlight in the game, be it destructible objects or explosions or car chases etc.
4. Who is making it? when it will be available? platforms? These things should be in a trailer!
5. The graphics could do with some work (sorry, haven't got speakers working on my computer atm), but I like the gameplay and it looks like a fun game. 
6. character model cold use some polishing, but overall, it looks like a great duke nukem style game.
7. Game looks fine. Just too many explosions and the pop up texts should be changed. Overall it looks good. Would like to know more of the game like if it has a story/multiplayer etc. And ofc what's it's all about.
8. THose levels look incredibly empty and not interesting in the least. The destruction seems good and could be fun, but if your game is built around those style of levels? Yeah, you're going to get a lot of people complaining that the world doesn't feel alive or interesting. If you're not sure what you're missing, look at a photo of a city block: there's visually interesting an unique things everywhere: garbage on the ground, cracks and changes in the concrete, graffiti, hills, ect
9. Sorry, is it only me or does the explosive particle effect from the gun not originate from the nuzzle? It looks to me like it's originating from under the nuzzle but I could be wrong.
10. you could have used sound effects in a couple of places such as the transition to the game title screen or in some of the more action packed sequences to create a bit of excitement and to maintain viewer interest. 
11. I'm not really getting the flow of the trailer either, the music timing doesn't match up with the timing of the video clips and it just feels like a load of random video clips have been placed in no particular order with music played over the top as opposed to the visuals and audio working together and gradually building up the tension and excitement throughout the video for maximum impact.
12. loving the music, something commodore 64 about this!
13. The game looks awesome. Looking forward to play this one.

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