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Ticket #2 - Want to take a ride in my low rider?
[Image: InCarBankAhead.jpg]
Today I felt like taking a ride. It's been a while and I have been so busy lately. A ride always calms my nerves, nothing like taking a nice ride in Crooklyn City.
[Image: InCarCityAhead.jpg]
The city was quiet this afternoon, but I was still ready for action. I had packed 20 grenades just in case, you might think that's a lot but I usually pack 30.
[Image: WantToTakeARideInMyLowrider.jpg]
My mom always told me I was a shitty driver, and sure enough I managed to bump my car once again. It happens. Anyway, I felt like hitting on some girls so here I am trying to smooth talk a pretty lady. "Hey girl, wanna take a ride in my low rider?" was my line. "Your low rider looks like shit, cholo!" was the answer. It happens.
[Image: LookingBeefy.jpg]
I thought I saw a gorilla and headed out to investigate. Turned out it was just a jacked up dude and his jacked up friend. They were also trying to hit on girls, without success. Next to them were a business man doing the T.
[Image: BruceAndHisCar.jpg]
I got enough of riding around and headed towards the beach to enjoy the view. The radio was playing "Jump in my car" by David Hasselhoff, one of my favorite songs.

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