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Ticket # 20 - The new countryside!
[Image: The-new-countryside-1.jpg]
Yeah, we went a bit back in time and we have old school cars, but they are floating Smile

[Image: The-new-countryside2.jpg]
Bionic arm has changed and evolved!

[Image: The-new-countryside3.jpg]
More old-school cars, and a house!

[Image: The-new-countryside4.jpg]
Shoot em all down!

We are back! Still at it. Sorry for being absent for some time. We evaluated wrong how much time the project
and a demo that we feel we would like to show would take. We just have to keep at it and not give up, little by
little the game is coming together! One day it will be in your hands, stay tuned.

We'll be testing Bruce Cannon soon! Want to try it out and give us feedback?


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