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Ticket #7 - Bank robbers and explosions. - Bruce Cannon - 05-18-2016

Showing some of the crazy action in Bruce Cannon. Explosions, dodging and death. That's what it's all about. Starting to be quite happy with how it looks but there is still a lot to do Smile The footage is taken from a bank robbery scene in the game. If you want to try this game out please subscribe through the link in the end of this post, we need testers!
 [Image: Fire.jpg]
Getting a bit hot in here, like the fire?
[Image: BankMobster3.jpg]
Missed! Enemies can be slippery with their dodging.
[Image: BankActionLighting.jpg]
Explosions lighting up the whole room!
[Image: BankAction1.jpg]
Head to head combat!

We'll be testing Bruce Cannon soon! Want to try it out and give us feedback?