The loosest cannon of all time!

The Game

When terrorists threaten the city of Crooklyn a trigger happy action cop is called upon to form a team of super cops. Beat up an army of bad guys, lead by evil masterminds trying to take over. Ridiculous amounts of mayhem in a FULLY DESTRUCTIBLE large open world environment with explosive gameplay missions and online multiplayer.

The Story

Crooklyns mayor is out of options. A shipment of super toxic chemicals has been stolen and terrorists threaten to release it, transforming everyone into mutants unless the city meets their demands. As a last resort, the mayor reluctantly calls in the loosest cannon of them all. Bruce Cannon gets the job done, even if it means blowing up half of the city in the process.

The Action

Ever wanted to blow up a skyscraper? Now you can! EVERYTHING is destructible in this demolition mayhem masterpiece, everything you'd expect in an cheesy 90's action movie. If the Mayor won't rip you a new one, the chief will! Square kilometres of explosive action. Dozens of crazy weapons. Multiple eccentric playable characters. Action cops with superpowers!